Sept 17, 2010 - Have been keeping an eye out for various experiments in aesthetic approaches that might be loosely termed post post modernist. Though there seem to be a proliferation of trial balloons out, it wasn't until very recently that I came across an interesting book (published 2008) regarding something called Performatism, a term coined by Raoul Eshelman. I'm halfway through the book, at this point, but I find his description of an aesthetic and philosophical change already well under way, quite interesting.

Site news: BTW- Lyrics have been added to a few of the songs, and the poetry section's now up.

- Rol

Sept 16, 2010 - Re-building the music section first. Added a music page, with links to song pages containing playable mp3s and lyrics. Also added a link to Pearl Pirie's excellent Pesbo poetry journal, to the links section. Next time, I'll begin work on the poetry section. Maybe put up a couple of recent texts.

Sept 15, 2010 - Welcome again, this time to an updated wordsters site. A few changes have just been implemented over these past few days in order to simplify things somewhat. All of the usual elements are still present, including favourite links to sites of interest for Ottawa music, poetry, and blogs. Additional materials to follow, once this upgrade's up and running. Meantime, enjoy it as it arrives.



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